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Copyright ©2019 by Brenda Faatz & Peter Trimarco
ISBN 978-0-997085174 -


"The flaming redhead Lizzy is back! One of the most adorable, authentic, dynamic but sometimes insecure, most impressionable main characters in contemporary children’s literature. It’s just so amazing!" – Reader's Favorite 5 Stars

Ever rambunctious and creative, Lizzy is learning new dance moves from her furry bunny friends just in time for the school talent show. When she tells her classmates that she’s learning hip-hoppity moves from bunnies, Lizzy becomes embarrassed and self-conscious as the children giggle at her over-active imagination. From there, Lizzy is decidedly in complete denial that animals communicate with her. Naturally, the bunnies organize an intervention.

This little tale about Lizzy and ‘cotton-tails’ provides multiple social-emotional-learning moments…and is also pure adventure-in-rhyme, fantastical humor and, as with all Lizzy books, plays with made-up words. For ages 3-7, this is the third book in the award-winning “It’s Just So” series (Foreword Indies Silver, Mom’s Choice Gold, CIPA- Gold, Reader’s Favorite Gold).


It's Just So Little. w_Mom's Choice

IT'S JUST SO...little!

Copyright ©2017 by Brenda Faatz & Peter Trimarco
ISBN 978-0-997085129 - Published May 23, 2017

  • GOLD - Mom's Choice Award
  • GOLD - Readers' Favorite - 2017
  • SILVER - CIPA Evvy Award -Illustrations
  • BRONZE - CIPA Evvy Award -Picture Book
  • HONOR - Story Monster - Purple Dragonfly

It’s Just So… adventurous for a little girl named Lizzy as she faces challenges of growth and change. She and her faithful puppy adopt a frail little sapling tree, taking on the job of protecting and nurturing their new, well-rooted friend throughout the seasons.
In the meantime, Lizzy is outgrowing all of her favorite clothes and watching as Mom seems to be outgrowing her clothes as well. Lizzy’s biggest change comes in welcoming the new baby as her family tree is growing too.


It's Just So _ Foreword Silver


Copyright ©2015 by Brenda Faatz & Peter Trimarco
Published April, 2016
ISBN 978-0-997085105

  • SILVER - Foreword INDIES - Picture Book
  • BRONZE - Foreword INDIES - AR- Video
  • HONOR - Story Monster - Purple Dragonfly

It’s Lizzy’s first day in a brand new school! At first things feel “just so” scary and “just so” hard, but in the end, they’re “just so”.... not what she thought they would be! From waking up early and boarding the bus for the very first time to meeting new friends and painting outside the lines, it’s a day of discovery and perspective for a little girl named Lizzy.